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Features & Benefits

In essence by providing a cost effective lightweight solution to create a pitched or curved roof option that not only enhances the overall aesthetic of a tired troublesome flat roof; provides the following features and benefits:

  • Protection of the existing flat roof by complementing the Datum Systems frame solution with a durable and cost effective new roof covering.
  • Elimination of continual costs of repair and /or replacement of flat roof and all the associated disruption this can cause to occupants and building users / owners.
  • Opportunity to greatly enhance the thermal performance of the existing building reducing heating costs and saving energy. Pre 1990 roofs generally have little or no effective insulation.
  • Extended building life and excellent pay back on full life cycle costing compared to repair and refurbishment of existing flat roofs.
  • Improved security, flat roofs invite thieves and vandals unlike pitched roofs
  • Minimum disruption to occupants and elimination of continued leaks associated with existing flat roofs.
  • Full audited design and installation service supported with a full independent insurance backed warranty on both products and installation (see all warranty options on page 11)
  • Enhanced appearance, making properties more attractive to visitors and users.
  • This cost effective and permanent option is designed to suit specific conditions of the existing structure