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Over-roofing Options

When considering a refurbishment option there are a number of choices each will have benefits but only one will provide a permanent solution to the inherent issues associated with flat roofs.


Strip and renew

This is the most expensive option and is recognition that the existing flat roof has failed over time and replacing with a similar roof is recreating the issues and all the associated on going costs. With the new regulatory changes the specification for the new roof will be far more onerous and increase costs considerably. In addition this option creates the most disruption to the building and its occupants.


Patching to existing.

Patching is the least expensive option in the immediate short term. However it is also the least effective solution as it only masks an inherent problem for a short period. Leaks on the flat roof will already have allowed moisture and water ingress into the roof build up. This ingress of water will continue to degrade the roof build up and still enter the building creating further costs and disruption.


Lightweight Over Roof Conversion System.

The permanent refurbishment solution is to remove the root cause i.e. water laying on a flat roof or continually attacking the flat roof covering. This is achieved by providing a pitched roof alternative in lightweight steel. The exiting roof can remain in place and the lightweight loads of a new roof transferred through the existing support structure. Complimented by a new more durable roof covering offering maintenance free long term solution that is cost effective, permanent and aesthetically pleasing.